Main entrance at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Same famous entrance shared by Werner Vogels and Tony Blair. AWS Summit and the Iraq Inquiry were both held at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Smart421 attended the AWS Summit 2011 on Tues 14 June at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London and I wanted to share some ‘soundbites’ that caught my attention.

I guess there are a succession of these that are deliberately trotted out at events like this but all the same they are worth repeating, and I’m sure I will trot these out myself in the coming months :-).

Hopefully I will have time to share some of the other information that I gleaned from the ‘Base Camp’ track that I followed during the event, and the 7 key themes that Werner Vogels ( CTO – and yes he was there!) sees driving the Cloud, on a subsequent blog post.


Anyway here are a few beauties!

  • From Nov 2010 all web traffic is now being served from EC2 instances – talk about ‘eat you own dog food!’
  • A large media company has 1500 VM’s of which 5% are currently in the Cloud and the rest on-premise – by 2013 the figure will be 50% in the Cloud – wow big transition, and yes he did mention some internal pain points!
  • Same media company pushing out speculative websites that may or may not attract interest (i.e. go viral or die) – traditional on-premise time/cost model = 7 days to build & $75.40 a day to run VERSUS  Cloud (presumably AWS eek) = 3 hours to build & $27.60 a day to run =========== no brainer!
  • Agility using AWS was demonstrated by a software house (don’t worry I won’t mention their name here – pah) – in the last 7 days 41 developers, 882 commits, 400 deploys for 40 projects – that’s a deployment every 5 mins apparently, and in my book that’s also bragging for braggings sake :-) – good going guys.
  • And finally AWS themselves still see all that has been done so far as DAY 1 – jeez that is scary and can’t wait for DAY 2……..

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