An area of technology that seems to be getting more publicity of late is that of ‘unified communications’, or UC. Hopefully it won’t get over-done and treated as the next bandwagon, but there is a risk of that approach hurting what is actually a useful area for business improvement.

As a systems integrator and consultancy, we of course are working with UC as end users, developers and business change architects. With a view that this isn’t only about technology, we are categorising our approach as that of ‘Business Communications Transformation’, or BCT. Expect a future blog of three about the value we see in this approach for enterprise architecture.

I see that IBM are using a different term for their approach, which is ‘UC2‘, for ‘Unified Communications and Collaboration’. That ties in with their positioning of the Lotus product brand for collaboration. See for their strategic definition.

This triggered thoughts about other acronyms that may get created in this area, such as ‘UC3‘ for ‘Unified Contacts, Communications and Collaboration’. A colleague of mine then came with thoughts of using ‘e = mc2′. Finding a suitable set of words to correspond to that acronym/equation can be an interesting exercise.

To pinch some of the IBM terminology, how about:
 ‘Enterprise = Mobility, Communications and Collaboration’?

Other suggestions welcomed. The closer to the real world, the better!