Just fresh back from CIO Connect ( @CIOConnect ) 2nd & 3rd October in London – and wondering how the topics raised effect our customers today ?

The best session for me was by Glenn Morgan of BA, where two key points stood out.

Firstly, that IT departments should see their “customer” being the same revenue generating customer as the business do – and not just focus on the “internal” customer.

Secondly, that IT should be part of the team developing a business strategy and not a follower – a follower that then has to catch up. That is just too late.

My recent experience is pointing to the fact that our most successful customers have already made the leap and see IT as a true enabler. They are encouraging IT to reach into the business to ensure initiatives are quickly translated into deliverables and there is a true ‘line of sight’ from the business objective to the application that hits the screens – be those screens 3½ or 100 inch wide.

That strategy obviously calls for more rounded people who can think more broadly than a raw requirements specification and are not frightened to contribute ideas directly to the business.

And that is really encouraging to me – as it describes the Smart421 team exactly.