Go Team GB#OurGreatestTeam – we can relate to that.

Never mind worries of the underground being squeezed and the overground delays because of momentary heatwave – the London 2012 Olympic  and Paralympic Games is upon us. It’s been a bit of a organisational marathon just getting here. And the official brand police is watching so a thousand apologies if this blog avoids brand names (apart from our own that is).

Like you, we’re finding the building enthusiasm quite contagious and, like the majority of the nation, very keen to see Team GB do well.  And because team work means so much to the kind of work we do everyday, we’re truly loving their Twitter @TeamGB #OurGreatestTeam  – all 541 of them  (convenient if it was 421 but- oh well) .

So we’re showing our support with new banners on our own homepage smart421.com

Also from Monday (30 July) the Smart421 homepage will display Team GBs medal haul, and we’ll keep it updated everyday so you know where to come for the latest news on how many medals Team GB has achieved.

All the rumpus during the last 69 days with the Torch Relay teaches us some important lessons:  for example, if I stood on the Cornhill in Ipswich or the Broadgate centre in the City (or anywhere else for that matter) wearing a posh tracksuit and carrying a flame-on-a-stick, the chances are I might get some raised eyebrows, plenty of  “tut-tutting”, maybe get badmouthed on Twitter or certainly get moved on by the cops.

But – just imagine – add a fanfare, a police escort and cheering crowds – suddenly the flame-on-a-stick takes on an entirely different significance.

So right now, we’re off to get ready for the Opening Ceremony.

Enjoy the weekend watching the Games and see you Monday for an update on Team GB medal haul.