Martin Brazill

“outages with online banking apps, mobile networks and broadband point to why more resilience is now needed” Martin Brazill

I’m beginning to feel like I’ve had a glimpse of the Stone Age. My personal BT Broadband was down for eight days which left a surprising large gap in my life.

Why ? Well, I needed to pay my credit card bill which I always do on-line in the evening – very convenient. So without broadband I decided to fall back to my O2 smart phone and my Nat West Banking app. Ah – only to hit problems with the bank, which was off line due to the widely publicised RBS problems. So I decided to phone up my branch – ah [again] no mobile network was available.

OK, so I survived a few hours “off the grid” but it did make me think that with our dependency on technology and communications we need stronger resilience. Up until now the pace of change has been so great that it’s been [comparatively] uneconomic to build resilience.

Now with the maturity of the Cloud solutions there are fewer costs barriers and no excuses not to build that resilience. Smart421 is already helping our customers with this – so if you want us to help you please form an orderly queue here.

And yes, I managed to get my credit card paid off too – eventually.  Phew.