SyncNorwichIt doesn’t always have to be a huge gig at a big plush venue that draws good speakers and skilled attendees curious to learn.

Quite often, user groups and locally-run events can be such rich sources of education and inspiration. I found Agile East Anglia to be one such group. Started by Paul Grenyer (@pjgrenyer) their deep dive sessions on aspects of Agile has been excellent. These have included Agile User Stories, Dialogue Sheets and, most recently, Behavior Driven Development with speaker  Liz Keogh (Twitter @lunivore ).

Developers from IT teams in huge corporates and developers new start-ups have been rubbing shoulders at this group which has all helped to add colour to the subject area under discussion. Content is pragmatic, realistic and nobody is looking to make a big name for themselves; all attendees have gone home the richer by learning from each other. How refreshing.

It’s good to learn that other regional groups have twigged that there is lots of good stuff happening, and a decision has been taken to merge Agile East Anglia with Norwich StartUps and Norwich Developers Community to form a group with wider reach and deeper appeal. The new group has been branded SyncNorwich (Twitter @SyncNorwich) and the inaugrual event is scheduled to take place in Norwich on 05 July 2012. Details and registration :

Meanwhile, Smart421 has engaged itself because of its hunger to fuel its deep use of Agile on numerous engagements for several enterprise Customers. For those with an interest in learning about our Smart Agile Development Process (SADP) please check out our Agile page.

Oh, and you’ll also discover a neat Android app available free for download.