On Monday night I attended my first Agile East Anglia meeting at the Assembly House in Norwich (hosted by Paul Grenyer a Smart421 associate and sponsored by Smart421) where Rachel Davies from Industrial Logic Europe Limited was guest speaker talking about user stories within agile deliveries and the benefits they bring.

Having worked on numerous programmes that have adopted and used agile delivery methodologies and practices (mainly from SCRUM and XP) and have used user stories (“As an X I want to Y so that Z”) to capture the  wants and needs of the programme I have found these to be very successful and effective so was keen to learn more; as seemed to be the case of many others with all of the allocated spaces being booked and an extra 2 people turning up for the event despite the blast of Siberian weather that has hit us over the weekend.

Rachel delivered a very comprehensive presentation based on her experiences gained over the last 11 years of using agile methodologies and provided a great introduction on capturing and using user stories effectively that went down well with the audience, who in the majority were fairly new to agile principles; she even had us all working in pairs defining and capturing our own fictitious user stories and defining our own acceptance criteria, which I think  all the attendees appreciated.

The time flew by which meant that I wasn’t able to get to cover all of the items that I wanted to such as running effective planning poker sessions, software tools available to support user story capture and management of the delivery of the user stories. I am hoping though that there will be future sessions run by the Agile East Anglia group to cover these items and more aspects and principles within the Agile delivery methodologies.