I’ll be attending the BCS EA specialist group meeting tomorrow (10th Sept 2009) at 18:00, 5 Southampton Street, London – at this meeting there will be a presentation of case studies from specialist group members focusing on the following areas:

  • Business value delivered by EA
  • Professional development for enterprise architects
  • Governance of enterprise architecture

I’m looking forward to meeting my EA peers, and I’m keen to hear different perspectives on questions such as these…

  • If the EA effort has been going for a while, are they entering the “trough of disillusionment” and how have they addressed this?
  • What was the trigger event that meant they got funding/energy for an EA initiative? New CEO? A big disaster that they were rebounding from?
  • Are they well engaged with project/programme teams?
  • Architecture and/or project governance in place? Working well?
  • Centralised or decentralised model?
  • What lessons have they learned?
  • Views on TOGAF and other frameworks?
  • Any relationship to business process improvement teams, six sigma initiatives etc?
  • Budget, team size etc
  • EA cycle times
  • Communication approach?
  • Metrics in place?